Walt Disney Studios has announced plans for a sequel to the recent Muppets movie. Released in November, The Muppets made over $160 million dollars at the box-office.  The film is anticipated to be a caper, meaning it will follow or make reference to the original sequel to the Muppet film, The Great Muppet Caper.  The box-office success has created a fever with Disney and an urge for the second film to be released sooner than later.  As a result, the tentative release date is set for the summer of 2013, although writers for the film remain doubtful that a date that soon will be reached, as it could jeopardize the overall quality of the film. Nick Stoller will remain on as the current co-writer for the franchise, however Jason Segal has voluntarily turned down any involvement with the second film, although there may be a short cameo for him in the final script.  James Bobin will be taking Segal’s place in the writing capacity.
Stoller confirmed that writing is underway for the second film.