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Anonymous asked: So do u know anything about the avatar land thing? is that still happening?

Hello! I’m going to go ahead and say this is a bit of a complicated question, so apologies in advance if I don’t do it justice.  But essentially, the project is still on the table as far as I know, however whether due to monetary constraints or just the sheer magnitude of the project, no firm details have been announced.

The expansion is supposed to go in Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World, however, it seems safe to say that nothing can proceed if they don’t move Circle of the Lion King.  Although, I did read somewhere (sorry, blanking on the source) that construction walls have been put up to move the show to Africa, which I would argue is actually the best move thematically anyway, so once that is settled, the land may proceed at full force.  

But there aren’t any firm details as of yet that I can give you about aesthetics or planned attractions.  I will, however, put this on my watch list for ya’ll!  Thanks for the question! 

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