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Okay, okay. I’ve received a lot of questions on this, so I’m just going to go ahead and say the Jungle Cruise post was an April fools joke. 

It’s the Jungle Cruise! Need I say more? 

But I’m sorry folks =]

Potential Changes to Disneyland’s Jungle Cruise


In mid 2011, Disney announced a partnership with James Cameron in the hope of bringing the film “Avatar” to the Disney Parks through the world of Pandora.  The project, while originally anticipated at Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom first, may now be moved to Disneyland due to various construction issues and challenges. 

Considering there is a limited amount of space available for expansion at Disneyland, it is projected that the classic 1955 Jungle Cruise ride (which takes up one of the largest areas of land) will receive a fairly elaborate facelift, meaning there is a strong potential the ride will be newly renovated as part of the Pandora universe. 

The proposed Pandora River Adventure would remove many of the classic animals, with a few re-skinned versions remaining, as well as remove the need for skippers.  As a result, the new boat system would be devoid of pilots; a move potentially intended to save Disney more money annually.  Additional changes will re-imagine the dock as a military base that has been lost to the jungle over time, with new plants and insects that will be guest interactive through next gen technology. 

Projections also include three small shooting galleries (two upstairs, one downstairs), where guests will learn various skills and objectives, one of which being how to differentiate between good and bad animals.  As guests make their way through the river, there will be opportunities to shoot at both good and bad animals, with the choices of the guests affecting the ultimate outcome of the ride itself.  

The path of the river itself will remain fairly unmodified; however there will be a few adjustments past the waterfall to accommodate the new technology.  In addition, boats will be slightly smaller, seating up to 12 in each, and Aladdin’s Oasis will be transformed into an Avatar gift shop as the new exit location for the ride. 

The success of the reimagined ride could potentially alter the look of Adventureland on a wider scale, with many of the classic rides being exchanged for Pandora themed experiences.  

Although, please note nothing has been officially announced, as plans for altering the Jungle Cruise are still in discussion phases.

I should probably say this is an April Fools joke.  


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